Welcome To CRBT Inc.

Discovering new advertising solutions

The mobile device offers an opportunity to personalize and target advertising, increase return on advertising spending and delivering added value to consumers at the same time. Ringback Advertising has the precision of direct marketing, the attention value of cinema and more detailed tracking than internet advertising. Tapping into this new advertising medium has tremendous potential for brands and media companies. With its high usage frequency and reach, Ringback Advertising represents a significant revenue source for operators while being non-intrusive for consumers.

CRBT INC. Is the leading provider of reverse Ad Ring Back Tone (AD-RBT) solutions, providing custom build-outs for North American mobile network operators who wish to realize passive revenue and reduce churn.  Which for advertisers mean to reach a world-wide audience through the use of reverse caller ring back tones.

93% of all Americans own mobile phones, representing a fantastic new opportunity for advertisers.  A gap has emerged between advertising and the world of mobile technology. CRBT aims to bridge that digital divide and we believe it is the advertising world that must adapt.  Mobile users are no longer simply using their phones to communicate but are also looking to socialize, shop, and be entertained.  Ring Back Advertising is a great advertising channel because you transform dead air time into revenue and because it is highly targeted.

With CRBT Inc. you have:

  • An audience that is listening
  • Targeted ad campaigns
  • Focused and cost effective advertising
  • The ability for advertisers to record their own caller ring back tones

With CRBT Inc. you can:

  • Reach millions of new customers
  • View real time reports and monitor the success of your ad campaigns
  • Always hit your target market
  • Keep ad campaigns up to date

How do  Wireless Operators benefit from CRBT Inc.?

  • Caller ring back tones are stored on a server
  • The service is not dependent on the phone capabilities
  • CRBTs can be updated anytime
  • CRBT Inc. management system automatically tracks customer usage
  • A server based system enables easy customization and deployment of CRBTs
  • Delighted customers!