Dual Screen Siam 7X
Siam 7x has unique features utilizing 2 screens

2 Screens
Siam is U.S first smartphone to come with two screens one full Color LCD and one Black and White Ink display

Lifetime Warranty
If the Siam 7x ever break down or becomes defective We\’ll fix it or we\’ll replace it free

Dual Sim Cards
same handset can be used for both business and personal

2 Omni Directional Studio Standard Speakers
Enjoy real quality sound from both sides of your phone – now you can share your tunes on the bus ride home

Enhanced Audio Sound System
Does the sound from your current smartphone completely blow chunks? Yeah, so does the other 3 billion smartphones on the market…

Earprint Biometrics – by Descartes Biometrics
Your Earprint is less likely to be hacked.. and besides, it’s already there – on your phone (feature can be disabled for Mournful Post-Impressionist Painters)

Satellite Tracking & Kill Switch
Find your Siam – or prevent it from being used for nefarious purposes with a factory installed Kill Switch Feature

Water Proof Engineering

Siam componentry is coated with industrial-grade waterproofing preventing damage from accidental submersion – IP67 makes your phone safe from accidents – and a lot of help to Aquaman

Corning® Gorilla® Glass
Siam Screen are protected by the hardest surface known to man and Gorillas (in case you are monkeying around with your Siam)

Own a Siam without signing up with a ‘big brother’ Carrier. Enjoy the Siam low down, low payments and accelerated upgrades

16 MegaPixel / 8 MegaPixel
Siam allows you to take a 16 MegaPixel Selfie… so make sure you clean that salad off your teeth

Carrier Flexibility
Shop the Carrier and coverage that works best for you… Siam is compatible with most National & International Carriers

Proprietary Loop Technology
Play your Android Games on your wifi-compatible TV Screen. How cool is that?

Label-Direct Early Release Downloads
Siam owners get music and video releases first from our label and artist partners.